How it works

  • howitworks-pointOne-on-one


    Guaranteed comprehension !

    At Smile Japanese we focus on one-on-one courses to provide the best assistance we can to students. "Can you please explain it slowly?" "Can you repeat it one more time?" "Umm, one second... I cannot understand the second part." We regard children's feelings as being very important. We encourage students to proceed at their own pace when it comes to studying. When students encounter problems, we are there to hear their questions. Students are encouraged to ask many questions so they grow academically. There is no limit to how many times we will help our students. Even if students would like to go over past lessons, or go over material from past school years, we are here to provide the best support.

  • howitworks-pointAlways the same teacher


    Grow with your teacher

    "Your kanji comprehension has gotten better!" You were able to enter a new school? That is great! At Smile Japanese we keep the same teacher with the same student so teachers can grow alongside students. Even with subjects that children have specific difficulty understanding, or grasping, our one-on-one method of teaching ensures that we think of the most interesting and understandable lessons to help our students. We are the child's number one support, providing consultation services when problems are encountered. We also help students directly with problems they may face. We strive to be teachers that also help our students, and make sure that our children feel confident to confide their problems to us. We do the best we can to ensure our students are not only able to grow academically, but can also mature psychologically into the best people they can be.

  • howitworks-pointProfessional teachers


    Experienced Teachers

    At Smile Japanese, all our teachers are highly experienced. We have teachers who have taught in Japanese schools, provided Japanese consultations, taught Japanese within the Japanese school system, and at other institutions. "We want to help teach students who have difficulty with Japanese." "Students who have roots in places other than Japan may encounter problems understanding Japanese. We want to support and teach them". All teachers believe in the above statements passionately. We want to always do our best for our students! Teachers are constantly studying to ensure they can provide the best pedagogical approach for young learners. "Will you be able to teach my child even if they do not understand kanji?" "Will the lessons be interesting?" "Are the potential difficulties of puberty considered by teachers?" Questions like these, and more, are all key points of preparation for our teachers, so that all students get the best learning experience.

  • howitworks-pointOnline lessons


    Classes From Home

    "There is no Japanese school near me." "There is no Japanese teacher at my school." "Due to scheduling constraints, I am unable to attend a nearby Japanese school. "With us, you don't need to worry about these problems! Using current technology applications like Skype, and Zoom, we can connect better than ever, providing the benefit of classes from home. Study Japanese from the comfort of your own bedroom or living room. We provide the best opportunity for students who prefer the freedom of not having to attend lessons in a physical classroom.