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    SmileJapaneseと⼊会⽣徒様及び保護者様の間で、⼊会に際し以下の内容を確認します。SmileJapanese agree to the following between SmileJapanese and the student upon enrollment.

    役務の内容Terms of Service

    SmileJapaneseは⽣徒様に対し、個別指導を通して⽣徒様の希望する教科の学習指導及び知識の教授を提供し、また⽣徒様はSmileJapaneseからの指導を受け相互学⼒向上に努めるものとします。SmileJapanese will provide the desired educational instruction services to the SmileJapanese student while the student will commit to making the effort to the improvement of their language skills.

    ⼊会⾦・授業料の納付についてPayment of Enrollment fee and Tuition

    授業料の納付についてPayment of tuition

    ⽣徒様からSmileJapaneseへの授業料納付については前⽉26⽇とします。尚、⽀払いが翌⽉1⽇を過ぎると、遅収料⾦を請求する場合がございます。授業料納付については、クレジットカード⼜は銀⾏振り込みによるお⽀払いとさせて頂きます。(26⽇が⼟曜⽇・⽇曜⽇の場合は、⾦融機関の翌営業⽇での⽀払い期限となります。)Payment of tuition from the SmileJapanese student to SmileJapanese will be due on the 26th of the previous month. In the event that payment is not received by the 1th of the following month, the student may be assessed a late fee. Payment is to be made with credit card or through bank transfer (in the event that the 26th falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the due date will fall upon the following business day).

    ⼊会⾦の納付についてPayment of Enrollment fee

    ⽣徒様はSmileJapaneseに⼊会⾦として10,000円を⼊会時に納付するものとします。但し、⽣徒様の⼊会が、SmileJapaneseに既に通塾している⽣徒様からの紹介による場合は、紹介特典により半額の5,000円を納付するものとします。また、兄弟姉妹での通塾の場合は、⼀家庭につき⼀⼈分の⼊会⾦のみを納付するものとします。尚、SmileJapaneseが実施する⼊会⾦無料キャンペーン期間中に⼊会の場合は、免除が適⽤されます。An SmileJapanese student will be required to pay 10,000yen enrollment fee upon joining SmileJapanese. However, if a student joins through an introduction by another student already attending SmileJapanese, there is a special introductory fee of 5,000yen. In addition, if brothers and/or sisters wish to attend together, the enrollment fee is that of a single student per household. In the event that enrollment occurs during our free enrollment promotions, students will be exempted from the enrollment fee.

    契約期間についてDuration of Contract

    契約期間については、⽣徒様がSmileJapaneseに⼊会した⽇から、以下の退会に関する諸規定に従って、⽣徒様が正式にSmileJapaneseから退会した⽇までとします。The duration of the contract is from the day the SmileJapanese student enrolls to, following the provisions below, the day the SmileJapanese student officially withdraws.

    退会(契約解除)についてWithdrawal (Dissolution of Contract)

    退会については、退会届を退会希望⽇の前⽉25⽇までにSmileJapaneseまで提出して頂きます。In order to withdraw, please send a withdrawal notice to the class supervisor by the 25nd of the previous month from the date you wish to withdraw by email.

    クーリングオフについてCooling-off period

    ⽣徒様は契約書⾯を受領した⽇から起算して14⽇を経過するまでの間は、書⾯により契約解除を⾏うことができます。You can cancel the contract within 14 days of receiving the contract.

    その他契約事項Miscellaneous Contractual Provisions
    1. ⽣徒様がSmileJapaneseに損失を与えた場合、その責務を負わなければなりません。In the event a SmileJapanese student causes damages to SmileJapanese, the student will be held responsible for said damages. In the absence of significant negligence or fault on the part of SmileJapanese, the student may not pursue compensation or damages for accidents, injuries, illness, or theft within or outside of SmileJapanese facilities.
    2. ⽣徒様において塾内外の⾵紀や環境を損なう⾏為がある場合、SmileJapaneseは⽣徒様に対して退会を求めることができます。SmileJapanese reserves the right to request the withdrawal of an SmileJapanese student who is deemed to be disruptive within or outside of class.
    3. SmileJapaneseの塾運営システム及び授業料等が変更・改正となる場合、⽣徒様はSmileaJapaneseに賛同して頂く形となります。In the event there are alterations and/or revisions to the SmileJapanese business model and/or tuition, of the SmileJapanese student. SmileJapanese will seek the prior approval
    4. ⽣徒様はSmileJapaneseによる進路指導・授業内容に対する損害賠償・抗議・返⾦等は⼀切請求しないものとします。IA SmileJapanese student may not pursue compensation, damages, and/or issue objections with regard to SmileJapanese's academic counseling and/or curriculum content.
    5. その他、SmileJapaneseが定める規則に従い、⽣徒様はSmileJapaneseからの役務の提供を受けるものとします。A SmileJapanese student is required to follow the various rules and must willingly accept services offered by SmileJapanese.

    Name of School: Smile Japanese
    Name of Company: Five Start Corporation
    Address: Tokyo-to Nerimaku Sekimachikita 1-23-10 Iguchi-biru 4F
    Telephone number: 03 5903 9034